Beach Run 2022

Join NorCal Raptor Runs out for a day of fun in the sun, tacos, and one of the only few beaches you can drive on in California!


2022 Beach Run w/ Membership: TBD

2022 Beach Run w/ out Membership: TBD

This event will 100% sell out with an estimated cap of 45 trucks.
More details to come as we finalize the day. But, we’ll be at the beach soon, enjoying the sand, cervezas, and tacos for lunch. This event offers more of a relaxing social atmosphere once we hit the beach. That being said, feel free to rip up and down the beach, hit the dunes, full send it, and have some fun. We will have our famous raffle. This time we have prizes from Baja Designs, Apollo Optics, GJ Motorsports, RPG, Alpine Offroad, and more. We will have shirts, decals, corn hole, beach games and more! Once sunset hits we’ll be heading off the beach. Since this is a day-only event we have no scheduled plans for dinner or lodging so be sure to book those yourself.

Please join the Facebook page with has THE MOST up to date information on all events and register for our emails at See you there!

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