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Here you’ll find a short recap of our previous events! If you’d like to join us on a future event, please purchase the available “Event Membership” or year long membership option on our store page!

Lady Luck 2022

Wow! This run was fantastic! We covered roughly 300 miles of offroad around Las Vegas! The amount of scenery change was spectacular. Day 1 covered the high elevation trails. We had fast paced sections of Joshua Tree forest on the desert floor, corners that you could get the rear end loose with. Then headed up some beautiful mountain terrain, paralleled some snow covered railways and up to a small town where we stopped for lunch. From there the amount of snow increased. We ended up having to turn around once the snow was up to our knees (or more) and started to turn into ice in the late-afternoon shade. We bombed it back to Las Vegas and had some great Dim Sum and gambling.

Day 2 started out with a trail we couldn’t complete due to time on Day 1. We stopped off in Peek-A-Boo Canyon and took care of some trail repairs as well as explored some of the cool caves. From there we bombed it down to the trail head and stopped for lunch again. Then we headed WAY south and took a pretty remote trail around the mountain into the Searchlight area. This ended up being our night run and had some VERY cool terrain, littered with Joshua Trees being lit up all our Baja Designs lights. This was a very cool trail! From there, we headed back to Vegas again and had the large group dinner at the Dawg House. We did our raffle, gambled some more (most of up were up, don’t worry), and then called it early into Sunday morning. Then we all headed home at our own pace on Sunday.

This was an awesome run with some awesome trails. We had six Gen 3’s with us as well and they held up awesome. Looking forward to the next event! See you there!

Death Valley 2021

Second Annual NCRR Beach Run, 2021

Lead Farmers 2021

Mammoth Lakes 2021

We took to Mammoth Lakes in March with the snowpack still heavy north of 7,000 feet of elevation. This was a multi-day trip that started Friday evening with a large group dinner. We started out on Saturday morning, and headed south towards Bishop. On Day One we hit over 150 miles of trail, running through some remaining snow. We also tackled challenging elevation changes, pine forests, rock formations, saw petroglyphs, went through a rock CRAWLING section with whoops after it, beautiful Chidago Canyon and much much more! We ended Day One at Crawley Lake then back to the hotel for the night. We had some minor breakage on the first day, but nothing major. Overall, it was an awesome time with fantastic views.

The group had hosted dinners, trail lunches and breakfasts each day. After the second dinner, we did our huge group raffle with awesome prizes from Baja Designs, Pro Eagle, Bubba Rope and a console safe by E&G. Each night, some of the crew went out to Mammoth Village to celebrate and hang out at the bars. Day Two lead us to about 59 miles of trail in Bridgeport, CA on our way home. We had FAST sections and some fun jumps after another catered on trail lunch. After that, we caravanned home. Looking forward to a great next run, and hope to see you all there!

Checkout the YouTube video of the event by iRelevant Media for more!

Prairie City Takeover 2021

With the difficulty and logistics of planning events around COVID-19, we had to be creative. California had just shut down all Forestry Service, BLM land, and open space areas (Not sure why that would help elevate COVID, but we digress). Because of this, our run that we had planned for February was now canceled. We pivoted quickly, and set up a Prairie City Takeover day! The offroad park located in Rancho Cordova was still open and operating. We offered the group raffle prizes as always, some decals, shirts, and drinks and there ended up being over 50 Raptors show up who (really did) TAKEOVER Prairie City for the day!

Prairie City offered us a unique track experience that you normally find on the East Coast. The track also has some Raptor friendly jumps that made for a very fun day. You just had to be sure to wash off that mud/dirt quick or it was hell to get off a week or two later! Check out the YouTube video of the event by iRelevent Media for more:

First Annual NCRR Give An Hour Charity Event

As our capstone event for 2020, we elected to host a large scale charity event, benefitting Give An Hour. GAH is a distinguished nationwide non-profit that provides free and confidential health, wellbeing and mental health services to Active Duty, Reserve, Veterans, and their families. As well as those effected by natural disasters. We were able to have over $20,000 donated in raffle prize giveaways from 32 different companies, and in the end, donated $14,800 to Give An Hour. We had over 150 trucks show up, and this year, for our second annual, we hope to hit over $25,000 donated! We teamed up with the local Toyota Group Hella Trails, who also came out in support. We were also featured on an episode of Wheeling Wine and Whiskey’s Podcast. They came out to the event and interviewed us as well as partook in the festivities. We’ll see you all there for 2021!

Below is the Wheeling Wine and Whiskey Podcast, as well as the YouTube video from the event! Thanks to iRelevant Media for the coverage!


Nocturnal 2020, Night Run

Something a bit different than most groups have in their playbook, we headed to Indian Valley Reservoir for a night run! We started in Sonoma County, and caravanned over the mountains into Lake County. From there, we had dinner waiting for us at the trail head, with some Red Bulls to help with energy. We had a costume contest planned since this was right next to Halloween, with a prize for first place. As well as a mummy contest.

We headed into the dark and Nick got some fantastic footage with his drone, flying literally blind, as we ripped around the mountain trails. We got to the lakebed, which had just been re-wet from a recent rain in between then, and the pre-run. The water line had come up slightly, but it let us play around on the huge lake bed still! As well as practice our recovery skills! From there, we did the raffles and contests, then headed back towards the trailhead again. We got back around 11 PM which was perfect for people to head home. For a quick, neat experience that REALLY shows people the benefit of lighting, it was a fantastic event!

Check out the video from it below!

First Annual NCRR Beach Run, 2020

With how great the weather has been we decided to go to the beach! As many of you may know, California has one of the most restrictive coast lines when it comes to actually being able to drive on sand. Luckily for us, 4 out of the 5 major beaches you CAN do that on are located all in Northern California!

We started the day with a meetup and driver meeting, then headed out. We took HWY 128 through some cool small towns and vineyards, then drove through Fort Bragg. Once we got to Chadbourne Gulch Beach, we switched into 4H and took off! The beach is somewhat “small” but still allows for a lot of room to play. We took over the southern section of the beach and lined everyone up. After a few rips around, we did a BBQ lunch, and all just got to relax with some awesome weather and the ocean right in front of us. After lunch and some beach games everyone took turns ripping around the beach, and for those who braved it, went through the water as well (Please wash the underside of your truck quickly!). After that, we hung out for a bit more, did the HUGE raffle which consisted of parts from Apollo Optics, a full GJ Motorsports third Brake Light, BuiltRight Industries, and even a set of wheels from Alpha Equip. Then we packed up and headed into Fort Bragg for dinner. Everyone was free to either leave, or stay the night in Ft. Bragg depending on their drive. We had an AWESOME day with about 20 trucks, and plan to do it next year! Check out the video curtesy of iRelevant Media as always!

Bootleggers 2020 Run

Bootleggers was a HUGE run in terms of mileage! We did over 500 miles in two days! We started out and headed south from Fallon area. We hit some awesome sections of lake bed, cool trails, and even some power line roads. We stopped for a quick lunch and headed back out. We had a LOT to go. We hit more trails going south, passing a couple of the abandoned mines. We ran into a some minor issues with overheating on the longer high-speed stretches, but were able to handle those quickly! Other than a small transmission error and a punctured tire, we made it into Tonopah unscathed!

We had a large catered dinner from Tonopah Brewing that night, and worked on some of the trucks. We also handled our raffle prizes, and took to the hot tub for some drinks.

Day Two started early with a top off, and then heading back to the trails. We hit a HUGE lake bed with some more fast paced trails and cool scenery after as we made our way back up to the road. Once we hit that, we diverted back and were on our way home! It was a lot of miles to cover in just two days, but we made them go by quick! Looking forward to more trails ahead! Here’s a short video recap of the event thanks to iRelevent Media!

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