T&L Raceworks Additional Light Bracket for SDHQ A-Pillar Mounts


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AVAILABLE NOW! Sold as a pair.

We saw a need to offer a proper solution for additional A-Pillar lighting. SDHQ makes a great mount for various vehicle models. It’s also one of the best locations to put forward facing lighting. It’s closest to eye level, generally has minimal to no light splash off your hood, and can be used for close, medium and longer distances. All that being said, what about the intended purpose of that location?

Creating a proper light array is just as important as “How bright can I make it?” You want your forward facing array of lighting to be roughly 200 degrees. With our T&L Raceworks Additional Light Bracket, we now offer you a location to add proper ditch, or outward facing lights to complete your lighting array. You no longer have to choose between bright multi-purpose lights facing forward, and ditch/side lighting facing outwards to give you that proper arc of light.

What lights can you use?

This mount works with the entire Baja Designs suite. All main lights include; S2, Squadron, XL size (XL80s), and LP4’s. Secondary “Additional light” will be an S1. A single S1 is 2,320 lumens, and brighter than the S2 Pro, so it’s no slouch! Adding a pair of S1’s, and XL80’s (a very common pairing) will now net you 23,640 lumens on your A-Pillar, and up to 200 degrees of arc in your light array!

Kit includes:

Passenger/Driver side light mounts 3D printed out of durable ABS plastic

Drill bit

Countersink bit

All hardware necessary

Proper instructions with video on how to complete your install (takes roughly 30-45 minutes for both sides)


Current applications:

Gen 1, 2, and 3 Ford Raptor SDHQ Mounts

2014-2022+ Toyota Tacoma SDHQ Mounts

2016+ Toyota Tacoma SDHQ Mounts

Additional information


Gen 2 Raptor, Gen 3 Raptor


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