T&L Raceworks iPad Mini Dash Mount


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The T&L Raceworks iPad Mini mount was developed to attach directly to the BuiltRight Industries Dash Mount for both Gen 1, and Gen 2 Raptors + other F-Series trucks (2011-2020). It’s built out of lightweight aluminum, laser cut, bent, and cerakoted with Cerakote Matte Black Elite series, for extreme durability. It utilizes Grade 8 bolts to mount to the dash mount, and black and stainless steel faceplate hardware. It mounts with no permanent/drilled holes to your dash, and removable in a couple minutes.

Additionally, a huge issue with dash mounted iPads is heat soak/overheating. We helped solve this with the included removable SunShade with reflective heat material. It allows hot air to still dissipate, but blocks direct sunlight to the back of the iPad itself. We’ve tested it up to 121 degrees outdoor temp, and it keeps the back face of the iPad anywhere from 10-22 degrees cooler behind the shield than on the front of the shield. There is also no reflection of the gold heat shielding onto the windshield.

This mount is low enough to not block visibly (about 1″ at eye level), but high enough to still see your dash buttons. Your front and rear iPad cameras are both still fully functional and can record video of offroad trails. It’s only meant for the iPad Mini 7.9″, which we have found to be the most common iPad used for offroad navigation. This is also the only screen size for a Mini.

Additional options allow for a single hole to be drilled on either (or both) sides of the arms for the attachment of a RAM ball and medium sized arm, so you can also attach your iPhone, Garmin SPOT, or any other items you’d like to attach. You can do so directly to the sides of our mount, and not lose any functionality of your BuiltRight Industries Dash Mount as you use it now. You can also still use a GPS puck mounted to your BuiltRight Industries Dash Mount behind the iPad if you need a GPS puck with your non-cellular capable iPad while offroad.


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