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In stock estimated Late January 2023

This T&L Raceworks iPad Mini Mount was developed specifically for the Gen 3 Raptor. The 2.0 Version of our mount is an improvement in almost every aspect over the original generation. It’s built out of lightweight aluminum, water jet cut, bent, and cerakoted with Cerakote Matte Black Elite series, for extreme durability. It utilizes Grade 8 bolts and mounts directly to the BuiltRight Industries dash mount (required). It is removable in a couple minutes when needed.

We offer two types of angle now. Standard, which is straight off the dash, and Canted, which is pivoted 20 degrees towards the driver. Standard can be easily seen from both driver and passenger seat. Canted makes the iPad more easily seen from the drivers seat.

Changes over the previous generation include:

New hardware for mounting to your BRI dash mount to make it removable even faster, but still just as strong when offroad

Improved visibility (sits lower)

Added cord/power cable routing

Improved accessory mounting ability

Waterjet cut vs laser cut

New faceplate design allows for Gen 6 iPad use

New SunShade mounting style

This mount is very low and does not block visibly (roughly 1-1.5″ at eye level even with the taller Gen 3 Raptor dash). Your front and rear iPad cameras remain fully functional and can record trail/offroad videos while driving (front camera is partially blocked on canted mount only).

We are the only iPad mount on the market to combat the iPad overheating issue and include a removable SunShade with heat reflective material. It allows hot air to dissipate, but blocks direct sunlight from hitting the back of your iPad. The SunShade keeps the back of the iPad roughly 22 degrees cooler in direct sunlight. The gold SunShade material does not reflect onto the windshield.

We include two holes, and cable routing hardware to hide or route your power cable for the iPad.


Gen 4, 5 and 6 Apple iPad Mini. Our new faceplate now supports the new, larger screen size of 8.3″ on the Gen 6 iPads, but still works perfect on the Gen 4 and 5 size screens of 7.9″.

Mounting of additional devices: a single hole is drilled on either side of the arm (single side for canted mounts) for the attachment of a RAM ball and medium sized arm, so you can also attach your iPhone, Garmin InReach, or any other items. This allows you to not lose any functionality of your BuiltRight Industries Dash Mount if you currently use it for other items. If you use an external GPS puck for your non-cellular-capable iPad, you can still mount it to the BuiltRight Industries Dash Mount behind the iPad itself. It can reach satellites through the SunShade.

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