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We saw the requirement in the market to offer a strong, modular, unique bed rack. Current racks allow for only one type of setup. You are limited to standing two tires or laying one flat, with little room for anything else. With our bed rack, you can change the orientation and positioning of gear to suit your needs. Now you have the ability to mount a jack and lay a tire down one day, and then on the weekend or before an off-road run when you want to use your Raptor/F150 to it’s fullest, you can add that extra tire, gas, gear and anything else in a matter of minutes, with no change to your truck what so ever. Or you can just run two tires year round! Your choice!

Key Features of this rack:

  • 100% American made
  • Utilizes four factory bed bolts for install to ensure maximum strength (no drilling into your bed)
  • 3x 6061 Aluminum Mounting Plates for all your gear included
  • Mounting Surfaces are made from laser cut 3/16″ steel
  • Powdercoat flat black included with available custom coloring (Please email us)
  • Chromoly D-Rings
  • 4x 6061 CNC Brackets included
  • 2x Alpine Y-Straps w/ Exchangeable End Hardware included
  • Grade 8 Hardware all around included
  • Under 50 lbs
  • Fits under common bed covers (BAK MX4, X4S, GatorTrax, etc). Does not fit with cover that have a retractable box such as a Retrax.

Pricing: While other manufacturers upcharge and and don’t include additional costs like straps, CNC D-rings, etc, we include those items into one easy purchase. No guessing what straps or hooks work with the D-rings, or what tie downs will fit, etc. Our rack comes ready with everything you’ll need, with no need to buy additional items other than what you plan to carry with your rack.

Can hold UP TO a 39×13.50 size tire (shown in the photos of the white truck w/ the standing tires).

With our rack, the options are endless with how and what you carry. Use our rack to store your gear neatly, safely and securely. The vertical back plate allows for both generations of Powertank mounting holes already drilled for you, as well as RotoPax Mounting tabs all along the back for complete customization. All three 6061 aluminum plates (two sides, and one center plate included) all have every generation, and every size of Pro Eagle mount holes already drilled for you as well. So no matter if you have a 2-Ton OG jack, or the newest 3-Ton Kratos, your mount and jack will automatically FIT on the plates. (Please contact us if you’d like to purchase these parts w/ the rack as well).

The slot attachments on every plate allow for endless tie down options as well. And we leave enough room to hold up to a Yeti 45 cooler, Engel MT45, or ARB Fridge/Freezer in the center if you don’t have a jack in that location.

We strive for providing the absolute best quality, 100% American made, and the most utility and modularity on the market. If you have ANY questions at all, please email us and we will get back with you.

Due to material backlogs, lead time on average is 5-6 weeks from date of purchase, but if you need one in a rush, please reach out and we may be able to accommodate. info@NorCalRaptorRuns.com

Shipping is NOT included. We deliver and install within the Northern California area free of charge.

Custom LTL Freight pricing for each rack. We will reach out to you after you place your order and confirm shipment with you as well as finalize your shipping, and pallet cost once the item is packaged.


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